Sunday, July 14, 2013

Good luck with your meat fight (Goldie Oldie)

[This post was originally written on March 24, 2012...and I think that it applies equally well to the current brouhaha between Nick Farrell and David Griffin...or at least, I feel exactly the same way about the current mess as I did then about this previous situation. So here you go a Golden Oldie, just cross out what was happening then and insert what is being said now, and pretend that I cared enough to update this. Have a nice afternoon everyone.]
One of my favorite scenes from Dharma and Greg.
Ok, I have hit the point where I firmly suspect that I am going to be blacklisted because I refuse to see that Nick Farrell was only bad-mouthing one particular group that claims AO descent in the introduction to King Over the Water: Samuel Mathers and the Golden Dawn. Furthermore, I refuse to retract my good review of the book.

Let me be clear, I have personnally seen other groups doing this...aka in living memory and within the last decade. The trademark did not stop this from happening; it merely removed it from public view. Some of these leaders were bad. And just because your group is good today, it does not mean that it will be good tommorrow. Therefore, I see the need for the warning, and I have serious doubts that it was only referring to one particular group. And no, I do not believe that descent from the original Order, or communication with Secret Chiefs, automatically makes you good guys.

I am not interested in your proof that you are real and your leader pure---let me be clear---I have personnally been burned by people claiming descent from the AO; I have also been burned by people claiming to be communicating with the Secret Chiefs (Third Order). I do not need to see Farrell's proof that people have abused the vaccuum that a lack of information has generated---I have experienced the abuse first hand.

I may not only have a Crowley in my woodpile; I may also have a Mathers in my woodpile. I have been told that my lineage traces through Mathers. Of course, because I am not a member of the trademarked organization, therefore I am no longer AO.

When you demand that Farrell apologizes to everyone in the AO community, am I one of the people he is supposed to apologize to? No. Because I am not a card-carrying member of the trademarked Order.

Therefore, forgive me...and go ahead blacklist me...because I am just as AO as the rest of you (according to some of the people who I have dealt with) and I do not see the need for Farrell to apologize to me (because of abuse by people who claimed to be AO).

Good luck with your meat fight!


IM Research said...

If the participants in this meat fight keep working the system, hopefully we shall see maturity settle in, sometime this decade would be nice :-)

Unknown said...

I thought a fight was when two or more people were involved?

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Nick--well, there is that, isn't there?

Joseph Max said...

The needle on my Godwin meter has snapped.