Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chalices (underglazed)

Chalice underglazed. 
 Morgan here. Awhile back someone asked me if my wife made goblets. Of course, being the non-artist type, I had no idea what the difference was between a chalice and a goblet. Furthermore, at the time I could locate any pictures of the chalices that my wife makes. (I had forgotten to take pictures of the last batch that she did that ended up at Spiritways.)

Another underglazed chalice. 
 Today, when going out to the studio to take a picture of a coffee mug, I spotted these two chalices that have been underglazed that I believe are going into the next kiln firing, and thought that I would take a couple of quick shots just so people knew what type of chalice my wife was capable of making.

Unfortunately, I can't remember who asked me if my wife makes chalices. Hopefully, they see this post.

Studio Kitty does not remember who it was either.

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