Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Are you going to MagickAll?

MagickAll 2014 spring gathering.
As a reminder to my friends and readers, if you are going to MagickAll (April 5 to 13, 2014) hosted by David Griffin's HOGD/AO, I would love to hear an actual independent report from the gathering and not just the normal advertising copy that I end up reading on Griffin's blog (sorry, the testimonials he posts always read like advertising copy to me).

(And no, my doctor is no closer to figuring out the proper medicine to overcome my "moving vehicle" triggered migraines...which is a little disappointing considering that this gathering looks like it might actually be interesting, given the people who will be lecturing. Otherwise, I would be borrowing money and asking for someone to swing by on their way there to give me a ride. Given the fact that my last car ride migraine took me out for nine whole days, well, this year I once again get to miss all the fun stuff. Honestly, I can't even get halway across town before I am in screaming agony.)

And if you have not heard about it, and don't mind traveling to the outskirts of Las Vegas Nevada, you can find the complete information about MagickAll 2014 at Griffin's blog (here at this link).

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