Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aleph spelt in full

Because it is better to indulge in gematria studies than rant about Satanists not being Wiccans, I present to you the Hebrew letter Aleph spelled in full...

...and twice spelled, and three-fold spelled, and four-fold spelled, and five-fold spelled...

...and no, I was too lazy to do the six-fold spelling out in full because it involves one hundred and forty-four Hebrew letters spelt out in full.

Aleph simple value: 1
Aleph spelled in full "filled": 111
Aleph double spelled "double-filled": 270
Aleph triple spelled:  963
Aleph four-fold spelled: 2790
Aleph five-fold spelled: 7453

Aleph spelled in full to the fourth degree.
Aleph spelled in full to the fifth degree. 

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