Thursday, February 5, 2015

Leave me out of your peace treaty

This is just a short and sweet open letter to David Griffin and Nick Farrell, and the multitude of their various and sundry supporters:

Good luck with your peace.

But beware that I will not take down a single post.

I stand behind my words---I do not rewrite my history.

If you want people to quit talking about you in a negative manner, quit talking about conspiracies, the unfitness of other teachers and authorities, and get a bloody sense of humor.

If you want people to talk positively about you, do something positive. Write another book. Write a blog post with actual information in it. Make a video that is not a bloody commercial filled with eyesores. Tend your own garden of students and do not worry about the rest of us mismanaging our responsibilities.

Do not expect the entire internet to confirm with your wishes to only have good things said about you. Contrary to conspiracy theory, the internet is made up of individuals, and some of us just do not like you.

And yes, I am moderator in the Golden Dawn Facebook group that Nick runs as a public service. That fact does not compel me to be part of your peace. All that requires of me is to keep out ads for Raybans and Ugg boots, and to delete any discussion that is going to result in a stabbing.

Honestly, if I had my way, I would have deleted every reference to David Griffin as soon as I became a moderator of that Golden Dawn group. And I would have deleted all new conversations about Griffin as soon as I became aware of them. All conversations about Griffin end up with people having hurt feelings---Griffin has simply made too many enemies over the years, therefore no conversation about the man is going to remain polite.

I realize that this response will get me labeled an enemy...but I was already burdened with that label before today. And in fact, I have grown comfortable in my knowledge that I will never be a member of the One, True, dating back to the Ancient Egyptians, trademarked until the cows come home, Mystery Tradition. That is actually a good thing--after all, I might feel like punching you in the nose if I ever met you in person, and you are not worth going to jail for.


neognostica said...

Thanks Morgan, I really appreciate, understand, and respect your words here. I have long ago dropped off the Griffin/Peregrin/Farrell flame-grid. I dont know if "dropped off" is the correct words, I think "gave up" is a better and more accurate description. These days I feel there is no hope for them. I've never totally figured out the motivation behind their nonsense, but at this point, Im starting to think that establishment sponsorship has a lot to do with it, and that maybe the real (hidden and authentic) lodges have given up on the experiment that thirty three degrees could possibly raise the developmental levels of the profane, as it obviously cant.

Parzival418 said...

I see you read my linked post ;-)

Aside from that I applaud this message! That's exactly what DG wants! To censor those who don't accept him as grand vizier, archbaron grandmaster Ipssissimus of the GD community and continue to be, well, Oz without the good advice.