Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Devil card A or B (Tarot Art poll)

Awhile back during one of the Tarot Blog Hops, I did a version of the Devil card for my Mad Uncle Morgan's Political Tarot. I wasn't completely happy with it; so last week, I re-did the background of the card. So now, the debate is whether version A (the first version) or Version B (the new background) looks better. What do you think--A or B?

Devil version A

Devil version B


Peregrin said...

B, def. The Devil looks a lot friendly there somehow, 'cos of the background :)

moonlit hermit said...

Image B is easier to see. The contrast is better between the figures and the background. Card A would be better if you want it more difficult to look at. The dots are visually "busy" and make my eye move around a lot. It's like television static.

Alia said...

I prefer B. You can see mire relevant detail.