Thursday, October 1, 2015

Morgan Hates All of You 2015 blog campaign

Hello and welcome to the Morgan Hates All of You 2015 blog campaign.

Exterminate all numpties!!!
One of the strange things about being a creative person, especially one who actually has to do it for a living, is that sometimes making art (or writing, in my case) becomes too much like work. Over the years, I have noticed that I am not the only artist who ends up in this rut.

But the most interesting thing I have noticed about this artistic rut is how artists and writers get out of it---by creating art! Yes, that is kinda odd.

The only difference is that when an artist goes on their "art-cation" (or a writer goes on their "write-cation"), they are only doing it for themselves---and care not what other people think.

So for the rest of the month (until Halloween when I do the next Tarot Blog Hop), I am just writing for myself. No censor. No concern for the feelings of numpties who get alarmed when Daleks come out of the woodwork shouting "Exterminate the stupid!" No giving of fucks. No fucks will be given.

You might want to ignore me for the next thirty-one days. Or maybe you too can use a vacation from being politically correct about all things occult and mundane. Either way, I plan on having fun.

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