Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Miscellaneous Debris

Miscellaneous Debris

Venus of Willendorf
Golden Mjollnir
Artemis’ bow
Moses’ Tarot
Crowley’s codpiece
Dee’s decoder ring
Warhol’s soups
Republican Jesus
Hell money
Lucifer’s feather
Merlin’s runes
Ripper’s knife
Roswell’s saucer
Smiling Mona Lisa
Alexandria library card
Lion’s heart
Anubis dog bowl
Voldemort’s horcrux
Dreaded Necronomicon

All at the bottom of Mom’s purse

[A poem from the little book of poetry that I am currently writing. My first little book of poetry (25 poems) is available for $0.99 USD from many fine retailers, including Amazon.]

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