Saturday, March 5, 2016

Gender-neutral pronouns (because the SJW insist that we need them)

The other day on Facebook, one of my friends (well, a FB friend--some of them count as friends, right?) posted a link about an article talking about how SJW (social justice warriors, or social justice fanatics, or social justice zealots, or social justice m*****f***ers) were upset with a Bernie Sander's loss, and were blaming it on Elizabeth Warren, claiming that the loss was caused by her not being progressive enough.

And the lot of us was talking about how political movements keep getting highjacked by SJW. And it does happen. And sometimes in the strangest places. I once saw an artists co-op be hijacked by the SJW.

(True fucking story: Business meeting, planning for an event, and suddenly we have three hours burned up by SJW trying to figure out how not to offend people. And all the while, me and one of my artist friends are sitting there rolling our eyes--because the quickest way to become famous as an artist in the good ol' USA is to offend people. And someday, I plan on doing exactly that.)

Anyways, so the lot of us on Facebook are exchanging stories. Including stories about how the Occupy movement short-circuited because everyone and their mother insisted on including their pet issue, instead of focusing on a single issue.

Then (true to form) some SJW starts to chew various people out in the thread for not caring enough about one of their pet issues. In this case, it was all about trans-gender issues, including bitching about why no occult Order has ever decided to use gender-neutral pronouns.

Any occult authority when faced with hordes of SJW. 
I will admit that I gave a tiny little scream. After a couple of witty comments about how burning people at the stake was probably wrong, I remarked that I was off to write this blog post, and the SJW said, "Go on, have the last word. It is obvious that it is important to you." And then the SJW continued to harass else everyone in the thread.

(For the record, I got side-tracked--obviously I care, but not enough to write this post in a timely manner.)

Now, exactly what the fuck is a gender-neutral pronoun? It is a way to refer to someone without assigning gender to them. And it is only a problem for languages like English that has gendered pronouns (ex. he, she); there are many languages where all the pronouns are gender-neutral already....presumably SJW has other things to complain about these languages (because SJW are always raging about something).

As many of you know, one of my damn bachelor degrees is in Literature (because...because I am a complete idiot as the SJW crowd will point out). Up until 1960s, style books were listed "he" (and its siblings) as a non-gendered pronoun. Yes, that's right; "he" is non-gendered. (That's chanting you hear is the SJW crowd getting out torches and pitchforks.)

I am aware of non-gendered pronouns. Left to my own devices....well, honestly, I would just continue writing the same damn way that I have been writing---using those damn gendered pronouns. If I was forced to use non-gendered pronouns, I would use "one" and "they"---and "it" if I was in a mood.

By the way, according to the SJW crowd, this is not good enough.

There is also the little fact that I think using "Lord" in a non-gendered way to refer to various entities that rule over various types of operations is completely all right (while completely ignoring the fact that some of these entities have gender [bad Morgan], and some are even beyond gender [bad, bad Morgan].

No, no no. According to the SJW magicians, using "Lord" is wrong. Period. End of discussion. And refering to the general population of magicians and witches, using either "he" or "she" or even "they" is also wrong...because some humans are beyond gender, or trans-gender, or.... [Let me be honest, I get confused by the terms "cis" and "trans"---which makes me a very bad Morgan.]

And yes, I am aware of "ze" and "zhe" and other terms....but I really can't tell you which of them are actually trans-gender, and which are non-gendered, and all that jazz.
More fucking pronouns than I actually need. 
And not for the lack of people in college telling me that these terms are better. Of course, I might have been one of those people who thought that the idea of re-writing Shakespeare for a non-gender/trans-gender audience was just plain silly (I mean gender is part of those stories in their original historical context, right?). [Honestly, this argument is put forth by some Literature students--all of which I believe are pricks and/or cunts.]

At this point, those SJW, who are all about fixing the way society looks at gender, want to take away my Writer Union card (though being an erotic writer is grounds enough for the SJW to want me to quit writing the way that I write), my Adeptship (because if I can't figure a politically correct and gender-less way to say "Lord", it means that I am not really an Adept), and my university degrees (because I am not liberal and progressive enough to have actually earned two bachelor degrees).

And damn it, NO, NO, NO, I am not going to learn to write stuff in a gender-less SJW way. First, it feels damn artificial to me. Second, that is not my voice or viewpoint. Third, some of the mysteries are about polarity and gender. Fourth, not only do I have to learn to write that way, but the readers would have to learn to be able to read that stuff (have you tried to train readers to read odd stuff---it is harder than it looks). Fifth, fuck you SJW!!!

Let's be honest, no Order is going to work that hard. AMORC at one point promoted Esperanto as an universal and preferred language for initiates. And how well did that project go? Well, do you know anyone who speaks Esperanto? Anyone? Me neither.

And if I was to write in a trans-universal language style, it would end up sounding something like Cityspeak from Blade Runner (Cityspeak was a wide mixture of Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Chinese, and Japanese)---though my version would probably have a little Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ancient Egyptian tossed in. But the SJW would declare that not good enough because...because, damn it, I am not trying hard enough to jump though the Social Justice Warrior hoops, and I am a white guy living in reasonable safe neighborhood.

Just screw you SJW, I am not writing that way. And yes, I know, I will be one of the first ones against the wall when the SJW revolution comes because I am evil for using gendered pronouns. Then again, I assume that everyone is going to placed against the wall at some point because as far as the SJW is concerned, we are all social justice sinners, heretics, and traitors.


Sandy Sparks said...

You really are a petulant little boy, aren't you Morgan? Always someone telling you off, eh? Get real, no one thinks much about you and your temper tantrums at all.

Morgan Fyfe-Williams said...

FYI, 'cis' means 'of same gender as at birth'.
English gender grammar irks me,
but the ze zir stuff is clunky too.

I. A. E. said...

I've been referring to mixed groups of men, women, and non-binary people for so long in my own day-to-day writing that using "they" and "them" as both singular and plural is just force of habit by this point. Obviously I'm going to use an individual's preferred pronoun to refer to that individual, but the idea that an entirely new gender-neutral pronoun needs to be created (when "they" is more than sufficient, and there are already dozens of others that work just as well) seems a little ridiculous to me.