Sunday, March 27, 2016

What I write about (or Why you should ignore me)

An unscientific look at what I write about.
Occasionally, people ask me what I write about. Normally, I tend to shrug my shoulders and mutter something about writing dubious erotica for money. That or I just come out and say, "I am an angry blogger; therefore, whatever pisses me off this week." And I do seem to spend a lot of time pissed off.

For proof of this, you need to go no further than my latest ebook, a collection of articles that I wrote for the Hearthstone Community Church's newsletter (Hearthstone is the "open full moon people" who help host open Wiccan rituals in Denver, Colorado).

Conducting an unscientific study (basically, chicken scratches on a piece of paper as I scrolled though the finished collection), it turns out that I am angry a lot.

[Exactly how unscientific is this method? Well, using this same method and applying it to other occult writers, I found that the person who claims to be the biggest expert in my field only seems to write one type of post....which has nothing to do with the occult...unless you define the occult as big C conspiracies. Another expert seems to be stuck in meme and Law of Attraction land. And so forth. And given the claims of these people, it is obvious that the method used here is wrong...because the results say that I am actually spending more time writing about magic and the occult while in a blind rage than they do 24/7.]

And I mainly seem to be angry at other occultists, who I feel are sponges and/or dangerous lunatics providing bad information to seekers. When I entitled the collection "Thirteen Signs That Your Occult Teacher is Rotten," I did so because the signature piece was my thirteen warning signs article; but looking at the rest of the ebook, at least a quarter of the ebook is me throwing rotten tomatoes at bad occult teachers.

Perhaps, I would be less angry if I spent less time on Facebook. Or maybe not.

Now, I will admit that this collection has a few oddities in it. For instance, I talk about family and death a couple of times; and that is not normal--my excuse is that my mother had died during this writing cycle and this was part of my working though the issues.

There is also that point when I talk about being an occult celebrity (I am not really, but...), that mode one finds oneself in when one's reputation precedes you. So that is not normal.

And talking about how Karma is really not part of Wicca....wait, nope, this is me being angry at the stupid things that so-called occult experts and teachers tell people.

So you probably should just assume that any place that I seem not to be raging against bad occult teachers is actually a hidden pocket of rage that I managed to whitewash.

Never fear, I will continue to rage at the shoddy occultists who have weaseled their way into positions of leadership and teaching. Heck, I have already wrote an article about such people this year, so that part seems to be a constant.

And just remember, me bad-mouthing other occultists, especially those who know more than I do, is exactly why you should not read my stuff; nor enable my rage by buying my little ebook collecting last year's (plus a few articles from the year before) at your favorite online ebook retailer. Don't reward my bad behavior by sending me a dollar.

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