Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Happy Ghostbusters Day!

Do you remember where you were on June 8th, 1984?

(I was actually in Army boot camp---*sigh*---so I actually missed the most important event to ever happen on that day.)

June 8th, 1984, was the day that Ghostbusters opened in theaters. Who are you gonna to call? Ghostbusters!!!

And here are some Ghostbusters memes that I found on the internet.

For all those old D&D players out there---a GB alignment chart.
If you be drinking while watching the movie...
One of the best lines in the movie.
See Dogs and Cats living together---mass hysteria!
The fearsome Gozer the Gozerian, the Destructor of the night's silence.
This is the only sequel of Ghostbusters that had to be made.
(And for the record, I am withholding judgment on the new all-female requel until I see it...I mean, it won't be that bad...of course, I might not see it until it hits DVD....because I am poor...and use the library for my movie watching needs...not because I am afraid that my face might melt off if I look directly at it....but I am going to be watching my Facebook newsfeed just in case, it does melt people's faces off. After all, knowing is half the battle--GI Joe!)

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Jeff Stevens said...

So quotable! Thanks for this. It brightened my day. I plan to post a couple on Facebook later and will link to you. :)