Tuesday, June 21, 2016

A little junk A little glue Behold a new Tarot card (Tarot Blog Hop June 2016)

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Hi everyone!

I am the wrangler of this particular Tarot Blog Hop. The theme I picked was "junk mail" Tarot--an art project for non-artists. The idea was to take some random artwork or photos, which one could find in their junk mail and turn it into a Tarot card using scissors and a little glue.

Let me just say---I was amazed at the number of my TBH bloggers that told me that they no longer get junk mail. Not that it stopped anyone from doing the Hop because we are all a bunch of inventive individuals.

In my case, the best card I ended up with was created from trash and not junk mail. (And yes, I am only showing you my favorite because otherwise, we could be here all day.) The following card was made from a Puffs and a Kleanox box.

Junk Mail Tarot--Ten of Bones
Behold the Ten of Bones. I am not sure what traditional suit I would actually assign this one to, mainly because I can see elements of all four suits in the card. There is a kind of overwhelming abundance; or lack, thereof, depending upon if the bones themselves are viewed as a desirable substnace, or if one views them as lacking meat. There is a layer of indecision, and a layer of things that once was. This (in my opinion) would be a card that would be hard to give a nutshell reading guide to.

One of the stories that I remember being told while I was a child was the story of a dog that is carrying a bone when he comes to a bridge crossing a river. Looking down he sees another dog with a bone in its mouth also. Being greedy, the dog drops his bone to grab the bone from the other dog, who disappears, along with his bone, as the real bone sinks into the river.

And that story also somehow enters into this card.

So anyways, that is my complicated card made from stuff that should have tossed into the trash, along with all the junk mail that I recieve.

Thanks for reading, and please consider visiting some of the other fine Tarot bloggers who took part in this Tarot Blog Hop.

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Jay said...

So cute!! I love the Ten of Bones. Like you I don't know what traditional suit I would assign the Bones too but why assign it to a traditional when its just so cute??

Karen said...

Cool! I just had to dig out the Whimsical Tarot as I recalled the greedy dog with the bone being in there... He lives in the 4 of Pentacles in that deck.

Tarot By Arwen said...

I'm very fond of that Aesop's tale!

Joy Vernon said...

Very cute! That little dog looks like he's been chastised, so maybe he ate all the meat off all the bones and got in trouble as a result! Thank you for a challenging and interesting topic!

OTM Academy said...

Love it! It feels like a Pentacles card to me but I think it can stand alone too. It looks like the little dog wants all or at least one of the bones but he can't have them. Just has to look at them pitifully. And adorably! Great blog hop!

Ania said...

For me, 10 of Bones would be either Pentacles or Cups - an abundance of what one loves/needs. A dog loves his bones so major happies (Cups), but to have 10 bones is also riches beyond imagining (Pentacles). Maybe Bones should be Cuptacles :D

Unknown said...

I would make it Pentacles... :D lovely card and a great tale to go with it!

TAROT ├ęs Tea said...

:) For me it is Wands but maybe because of my state of mind I found myself in after seeing your puppy, Morgan - but he has saved my kitten! :D It was so late here, I finished work at 2 a.m., then I started to read the blogs. I was just smiling at your puppy at 2:30 a.m. when I suddenly realized that I left the roof window open and my kitten was gone... In a shock, I woke up my son and in 10 minutes, he saw our kitten sitting at the edge of the roof - we live on the fourth floor -, and he could call him in with some food.

So this is how Angels work - at the rightest place and moment always. :)

Without this experience, what first came in my mind was Wands, too, maybe because the puppy cannot take so many bones at a time and it stresses him out a bit - but I so much love your card, I would be curious about more similar ones! :)

Aisling the Bard said...

Ok, now you've really got me thinking, Morgan...what are the other four suits in the Petfood Tarot, that go along with Bones? Definitely have to include Birdseed--air, maybe? And then...hmmm...there's water....what DO I feed my goldfish? And fire...that makes some thought go deeper....Keep watching for the first version of the whole deck, maybe? This is FUN!!

Inner Whispers said...

Hmm, I'm going for Wands with this one, if we were to assign it a traditional suit. Too much of a good thing can be overwhelming, and that puppy looks very small amongst all those bones. Plus, if he has to find space to bury all those bones, he'll be dog-tired! Maybe he can come and join my card in pooped pooch pose ;)