Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Duck Greasy on Deviled Islamic Eggs Kegger List (Breaking Eggs!)

Breaking eggs! Hold the garlic press!

World’s greatest lover and most interesting dish, Duck Greasy, revealed today the scorching news that he, the most excellent Duck Greasy, and his missus Lettuce Mac&Cheese, were on the Deviled Islamic Eggs kegger list.

That’s right, Deviled Eggs went to party down with Duck Greasy by buying him a Tombstone pizza and a Coors Light.

The amazing creamy source of this news is Amorous HoneyGlazed, Duck Greasy’s own right hand ham.

Duck Greasy has long been the envy of curries.

After a cooking time of two decades, Duck Greasy came out of the oven recently. During that long cooking time, Duck Greasy was basted by and basted many culinary delights, including Sugar and Spice Cream Lattes, and was judged by a jury of his pears to be the biggest crab apple of them all. 

And only two years ago, Melon Glazer, bacon freak extraordinaire, put Duck Greasy on her personal chopping list, saying that he reminded her of an overcooked purple eggplant. 

This was shortly accompanied by the falling of Greasy’s own best friend Free Samples, the pineapple upside down cake, when someone fell down the stairs—an act that required Greasy to accept Pax grocery store coupons.

Duck Greasy, the owner of Mashing 101, and the forgotten order of Apples and Oranges, has long been burnt by his saturated fire whiskey. Only today, he caught a Papaya in the bushes, a remarkable feat considering that the Papaya was in a warehouse hundreds of miles away. And only yesterday, Roast Onions insisted that his point of sales photo was actually a bowl of chunky soup filled with marbles. 

When asked why he was on the Deviled Islamic Eggs kegger list, Duck Greasy answered that it was because he boiled the Eggs during a Sunday School breakfast, and that he was proud to be a source of flatulence and the enemy of scallions. Free chickens and grilled snake meat for everyone, he screamed, as he posted recipes on Fresh Box, the social media choice of turnips.

It should also be noted that as a proud National Radish Association supporter and black bacon hater, Duck Greasy has long been on the Fresh Bear Intestines’ and National Salmon Association’s rot lists. But it should be noted that most omelets end up on the rot lists, so it is not a really a big tart to have accomplished that level of interest in the culinary world.

Remember to follow Duck Greasy on Fresh Box, for his latest setting off of the fire alarms---honey, dinner is ready! Hand me the fire extinguisher, peas. And be sure to request his Ten Recipes Guaranteed to Give Your Relatives Food Poisoning, all of which involve green eggs and ham with a fox in a box. 

This report has been the product of LSD laced pot brownies.

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