Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Apology to the entire Golden Dawn community

Important Breaking News! The reputation of the Most Honored and Beloved Golden Dawn leader is besmirched by nasty extreme leftist with an implication that David Griffin, the world's greatest occultist, might be a racist. And worse, the reputation of his entire Order, the world's largest, was called into question. Now watch that lowly worm explain that under no condition could anyone say that David Griffin is a racist because he is just so awesome. It is about time that this weasel apologized to the whole Hermetic Golden Dawn community.


[For those who are curious about why I needed to apologize to the entire Golden Dawn community, it is rather simple. Basically, I implied that Griffin and his group was the only racist GD that I could think of...well, with a Facebook group that is. Of course, as the leader of the largest Golden Dawn group, which has members than all the other groups combined, and with a million-plus loyal readers...that was literally insulting the whole GD community. What follows are the important screenshots that prove that I am wrong, and he is right. Sorry Golden Dawn community, I sometimes forgot that he is really in charge of the entire tradition, and that I should not insult your fearless leader because you can't separate Golden Dawn from its true leader.]

See Morgan attack the entire Golden Dawn community.

See Griffin defend the entire Golden Dawn community. 
The announcement that Morgan had destoryed the Aurora Pax, and all the proof you need that he is a dirty rotten Communist bent on violent recolution for his Russian masters. 

And the citizens of Golden Dawn eagerly agree that Morgan is the worst person in Golden Dawn. 
Now you really should go thank David Griffin for defending your honor and petition him to hex me to death in revenge for...somehow...implying...that you too are racist when it is really only Morgan that desires to be called one.


Anonymous said...

David Griffin is a great big buffoon. I can only hope that most people in that organization simply ignore him.

aprilenchanted said...

Morgan, in all the years I've known you, who knew that stand up comedy was your forte?

Morgan Fyfe-Williams said...

They're watching you drool in your bedroom.

Maybe I'm wrong... but are not the true Leaders of this thing we do not residing in an earthy form that can send tweets and so-forth, but scream like Eagles across our plains? Ooh Puns, I want to be a sock sometimes. It would be warm and fuzzy and practical. Just like cats. (This may be an instruction.)