Friday, January 13, 2017

Going to Taco Bell for yummy fried chicken tacos

Breaking News! Taco Bell is going nationwide with a taco with a fried chicken taco shell and avocado ranch sauce....and why is this Breaking News for Fox News?!?

I mean, yeah, I am sure to try it at my local Taco Bell (which doubles as a KFC)--well, provided that they have it (often they don't have stuff)--just like the rest of America is going to try it...because we are all heart attacks waiting to happen...and because it is a FRIED CHICKEN SHELL!!!

But that is hardly Breaking News that Taco Bell has mastered the art of poisoning America with "food." So Fox News, what are you not reporting on while you cover this? Has Trump already started locking up journalists? Are could it be that Fox News is just another entertainment channel? Or is Fox News getting paid big bucks to secretly advertise this delicious taco? Inquiring minds want to know.

Inquiring minds would also like some free tacos...because TACOS!!!

Doesn't that look delicious?

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