Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Raise your wand for Trump (nope no never)

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of "raise your wands" pleas to protect President Donald J. Trump, who is beset with hidden assassins, secret government plots, angry violent liberal protestors, and those evil criminal liberal journalists and satirists.

And I have to ask, "Why is protecting Trump so important to you?"

It is not like he cares for anything other than his own bottom line. You are not going to get a damn thing out of this man other than entertainment and some mighty fine bills for projects that end up enriching his own companies.

And it is especially amusing because these people who want to protect him are Pro-Constitution, yet want to see a Muslim registry, the ending of birth-right citizenship for non-white people, and want to protect people like Alex Jones while jailing all liberal journalists because they are traitors and do not deserve freedom of speech. Funny how you think that the only people protected by the Constitution are white Trump voters.

I simply don't see the payoff.

After all, this is a man who said several times during his victory tour that the issues that the voters cared about, and that he shouted support for during the election, don't actually matter to him now that he has been elected. In other words, he lied about what he planned on doing just to get your vote, and now that he is in office, you can go screw yourself. 

Because it is best that he allowed to f*** America anyway he feels like...
But still people want to protect this man from all influences other than his own internal greed and ego.

Last Fourth of July, I made a satire video about binding the bastard. And I was amazed at the number that I should be jailed (or outright burned at the stake) for exercising my freedom of speech to say that I did not trust the man, and that I thought no poor person in their right mind should vote for him...because he ain't going to bring back good paying factory jobs (the jobs that do come back are going to be filled with robots), especially after he said that Federal minimum wage was already too high. Perhaps you will get a factory job from him...but only after he lowers the minimum wage to ten cents an hour.

And already I don't like him as President. Midnight wage tweets, putting a man who wants to do away with the Department of Education in charge of the Department of Education, basically blacklisting journalists who reveal bad things about him, and putting swamp gators in charge is not my idea of a decent President.

But hey, I don't think that my teacher wife should lose her job (oh, she teaches ESL), and I should not have to worry about my life for saying bad things about the President--but here we are in a brave new world where the only thing that matters is Trump's ego and wallet. Feel free to leave your fucking death threats in the comment section.

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Scott Stenwick said...

I personally can't see why any occultist would support Trump. Obviously some do, but I have a hard time squaring that with the fact that he's backed by the same Christian extremists who would like nothing better than to eliminate all of us pesky occultists. So no pro-Trump wand-raising for me either.