Saturday, February 4, 2017

My latest death threat (and my beta reader thought I was kidding)

(The first thing that greeted me this morning on Facebook was a death threat.)

Matt Brenski wrote:

The golden dawn is a secret society please stop writing about it our else hardship will come on you. Not magically or astrally I will come there and beat the shit out of you. That is because I love this work and the order which I don't see you as a member of.
Theese mystories are sacreed and with my last breath I will defend them,
Do not share these mysteries with anyone.
That oath is golden, and by the way, your writing sucks
You have not been initiated into these mysteries so you shouldn't reveal then, or from my position can not reveal them
Anyone who has been wouldn't but if you insist you will get a beating
No one initiated into these sacred mysteries would reveal them
That is why you are getting your beating so stop writing about the golden dawn
feel free to contact me but do not write about the golden dawn
No initiate wiuld write about the golden dawn, so stop asshole, or I will make you stop.

Matt Brenski loves Golden Dawn so much that he will rain violence on those who write about it.
[And one of my beta readers thought I was kidding when I said that most, if not all, occult leaders, teachers, and writers, have received a death threat at one time or another. This is why I don't give pity to some loud mouths who publicly scream that they are special because they get death threats. If I get death threats, I assume that everyone is getting death threats. If I am not special (as some of these "oh, I have been threatened" leaders have declared more than once), then either are they. This is not the first threat I have received and it won't be the last. As for raining violence on me, violence hasn't stopped me before, so why would it stop me this time? Nothing short of a bullet in my face is going to shut me up.]

{Oh, by the way, out there some place is a Golden Dawn leader who is really proud that Matt Brenski is a card carrying member of their tradition--if not, their Order--I know that certain dubious leaders have encouraged violence against other GD authorities.]

{[And Matt Brenski, bite me.]}

{[(And I bet that his favorite Golden Dawn leader believes that President Donald "Jesus" Trump is the best thing to ever happen to America.)]}

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The ocelot said...

If one could kill through bad writing alone, this chucklehead would be a ninja.