Monday, October 9, 2017

Nick Farrell is mean to the Alt-Right (and they are upset about it)

Yesterday, in a howl Nick Farrell wrote a Facebook group moderator post about the posts that would get you banned from one of the Golden Dawn Facebook groups that he moderates. One of the things on the list was posting Alt-Right stuff. And his howl was met with screams that he was being unfair to the Alt-Right; and that by not mentioning the Alt-Left, he must somehow be supporting the Alt-Left.

Personally, as a fellow moderator of that particular GD FB group, I thought that backlash was ridiculous. First off, it is the Alt-Right posts that people keep trying to make that are the issue. Second, I haven't been seeing any Alt-Left posts in the pending stack. Third, the Alt-Left is a myth of the Alt-Right, who just assume that those who hate them are somehow organized beyond the Punch the Nazi level. Fourth, if Alt-Left posts were found in the pending stack, I would reject them (as well as Nick) simply because that particular GD FB group tries to remain focused on magic, and not on bovine end-products.

[If you are an Alt-Right, there is a Golden Dawn Facebook group ran by David Griffin which will totally let you post Alt-Right stuff. I am not sure if Griffin is an Alt-Right supporter, but he sure seems to hold their political position. In fact, the quickest way to get banned from his GD FB group is to be a liberal, and to tell him that his Alt-Right views are full bovine end-product goodness. And his GD FB group seems to be 100% about politics and 0% about magic, so there is a place for you.]

In response to the outrage that he was being unfair, and is somehow a member of the Alt-Left, Nick Farrell wrote a blog post. He wrote: 

"Some people think that the issue is political and you should not be talking about politics on a Golden Dawn chat group anyway.  While there is some truth in this, for me the issue is NOT political at all. Alt-Right ideas are not political at all but are the antithesis of everything the Golden Dawn represents.

Stripping away “political” ideas of alt-right we are still left with the following fundamental beliefs which are alien to the core of the Golden Dawn:
  • The superiority of white males.
  • Hatred of Jews and Muslims and homosexuals.
  • A misogynistic opposition to “feminism” which is a call for women to adopt traditional roles."
You can read the rest of his blog post on his blog: Sorry, you can't be Alt-Right and a member of the Golden Dawn.

If Alt-Right is banned, why not Alt-Left?


Imperator David Griffin said...

Keep spreading lies and talking shit about me. You have made a career of it for 20 year. The only problem is - nobody cares.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I seem to remember that someone thought that it would be fun to call me an Antifa, among other things over the last two decades. The fact that you thought your readers would care about that tells me that even if you are not Alt-Right, you think that a significant number of your readers are. Once you decide you to cater to that audience, you become the same as that audience. Therefore, if I am ANTIFA because of my audience; then you are ALT-RIGHT because of yours. Funny, how that works.

BillTheSlink said...

Boys, play together nicely ;-)

I am a member of both of your guys groups on FB and they both are good groups. The only thing I will say, David, is there is too much politics that goes on, on your page and I have said that publicly when this came up, and this is coming from someone on your side of the political fence. It isn't you; I think that America is just too wrapped up in politics to pee straight and we need time off. Besides, a FaceBook group about magic should be about magic. Not running you or the group down though. Just think about it, OK?

Morgan, you're a trip buddy. I like your group too.