Saturday, May 12, 2018

Are people still binding the greatest President ever?

Are people still binding the greatest President ever?

A big shout-out to tonight's Trump binders.
Is Donald Trump the only politician that this has ever happened to?

There was Hitler.

Reader's Digest March 1914.
Am I following this because it entertains me?


After all, there is nothing like watching someone scream "Witchhunt!" repeatedly to remind oneself that they have no clue what a real witchhunt looks like.

Wands! Wands for every witch! Free whenever Trump screams Witchhunt!
Am I still taking part in this? Have I ever taken part in this? Is this a slow news day?


Keep calm and keep binding the bastard. 
Am I going to get angry comments and have massive defriendings because I dared to remind people about this?

Duh--of course, I will.

I, the mighty Hog Dee totally think that the President can do no wrong--remember that America is all about exploiting the weak to enrich the wealthy. 

And why am I daring to invoke the wraith of the Holy Trumpers and the Society to Build the Biggest Wall Ever!?!?

Uh...because I disagree with the actions and goals of this President--goals which still seem to be built on hate, paranoia and fear. And greed--let's not forget the greed and ego--the greatest greed and ego ever to grace the Oval Office.

Happy Trump Bind Day!

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