Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mysteries of posers

I will admit that there are some mysteries that I do not understand.

One of them is why anyone would want to be a poser (poseur) in the Golden Dawn community.

The reason that this question is going though my mind at the moment is that a new poser just showed up on one of the Golden Dawn forums, sprouting off a bunch of nonsense about the Vault of the Adepts. And I do mean nonsense.

I understand the sock puppets and the anoymous observers; their motivations are the same as their handlers (gee, that sounds so CIA, doesn't it?). I understand the mud slinging and the lawsuits (that is just the fun of doing business).

But I don't understand what is in it for the posers?

In this case, it might actually be a sock puppet laying the groundwork for a new claim; in which case, we will all laugh in the general direction of the insanity.

But if it is truly a poser, why? Where is the reward? The only people you can fool are those who are not even Neophytes; most of the rest of us learn our stuff relatively rapidly and can spot a poser a mile away. So what is the point?

If you have any idea, please feel free to post your opinions in the comment section. Enlighten me please.


Servitor Lucem said...

I don't get it, either, and I've seen a lot of them. I actually answered the one you mention, saying, "Just what we need, another poseur," but the mods didn't post it. Oh, well...
Which leads me to wonder about another thing: On moderated fora, why do such posts get to the list?
now there is a mystery.

James Chamberlain 813.816.1552 said...

I believe that the uninititated simply lather at the chance to grab at a degree higher than their own in hopes that someone might buy into their proposal.

Let's face it - it is a world full of followers and for most, being told something is a certain way generally meets with a minimum of scrutiny or challange.

How much more when dealing with such subtlties as Degrees in Secret Societies.

Lady Atheona said...

Number One reason: Attention

If even for a short while. I recall a student who had had some American Indian shaman training, which was great, but had nothing to do with the Celtic based Wicca we were teaching. After several interruptions in class about his knowledge, they were counseled and then they never returned.

Second reason: Power

Others are looking for some control, more than likely because the control over their own lives is unattainable. In my experience there are those, thankfully few, that join groups in hopes of schooling the group in how they believe things should be done.

In a group that is well structured and led, these types of people fade out pretty fast and disappear in the same mist they came in.


Suecae Sounds said...

Maybe they grossly overestimate their own possibility of conning people into believing whatever it is that they say? Motivational factors probably are as many as there are posers...