Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fun Equinox ritual planned

An interesting side lecture and exercise is going to happen this Equinox meeting at my local (Denver) Golden Dawn lodge, Bast Temple.

Over on Martin's yahoo forum (he runs the show), the Golden Dawn Group, Pat Zalewski (who is only a loud guest there; he is also Martin's mentor) has been talking about how the zodiac matches up to the floor of the Neophyte Hall.

Now his theory puts the zodiac in a position that as a Wiccan I would not have considered on my own. He also has it rotating in the opposite direction than we are accustomed to.

I have followed his reasoning up to a point, mainly though hints and some information from both my current and previous Inner Order mentors. I have also traced down some published support of his theory.

One of the things that is going to happen at the Equinox meeting is that Pat's theory is going to be explained to the members attending; then as we go though the ritual, we are going to be watching for points that confirm or denies his theory.

It should be interesting to see whether or not, the lodge though our working, Pat's theory holds up.

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