Saturday, September 5, 2009

Only these documents count

Something that often disturbs me is that some students of Golden Dawn believe that unless an idea was written down by an old dead guy, it is not worth considering. The old dead guys got it absolutely right; just like the secret Third Order has it completely right.

Quite simply the ideas that you have and the ideas that I have are NOT worth having.

And I will admit that this gets my goat.

Oh, there is one exceptation, and that is if we can get Golden Dawn recognized by modern scholars. But that involves getting scholars interested in correcting the system in the first place.

Again, you and I have no place actually thinking about the system. We should just pay our dues, obey our superiors, and shut up.

Ok, maybe I am just having a bad day, but can you really tell me that some people do not believe exactly this? And then some people wonder how the terms "cult" and Golden Dawn gets confused.

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Anonymous said...


I think some people do believe this exactly, but what I feel might be confusing them is the differences between primary and secondary sources.

It is always valuable to read a primary source [straight from the horse's mouth], when researching...sometimes secondary sources have started to water down the original authors' intentions or ideas.

But, then of course we make the assumption that we have the power to understand them better than this or that "other guy" who wrote about them.

We do.