Sunday, September 27, 2009

Slow News Day

Gee, it must be a slow news day, or perhaps week. As a writer, I notice the silliness that comes out when there is no real news to talk about.

I must admit that I saw this particular silly season coming. A few weeks ago, one of my lodge members sent me a link to a site that said that everyone in Golden Dawn is involved in a global conspiracy.

Well, almost everyone. There were a couple of the up-and-coming leaders who were not tarred and feathered.

What amused me most was that Zink was associated with a video that Griffin actually did. But other than that the site was not newsworthy.

Let's see: Global conspiracy---check.

Anonymous poster---check.

Bad photoshop---check.

And drum roll please: Outcry and finger pointing---check.

Next, we will get a new demand that the Golden Dawn leadership control what their members are saying.

(And I will end up blogging about the freedom of the press…an moldy oldie for me.)

Yep, we are officially in a slow GD news cycle.

I wonder how upset Darcy would be if I post some of his bylaw and regulation book under "fair use", and spend some time talking about it.


Morgan bored by the silliness---double check.

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