Monday, January 18, 2010

Games for wizards 1

Today I ran errands with my wife. Among the things she needed was a new purse. Therefore, I decided to take something with me to occupy myself.

Often when shoppping with my wife, I will take homework or some reading I need to do. Today it was one of Greer's books (the semester has not started yet). I also took a notebook with me.

I ended up playing what I refer to as a wizard game.

Today's game ended up involving geomancy. I was adding up the geomantic figures to see what various combinations produced.

Sometimes exercises like this produce just sheer nonsense. Other times you end up with things that might be important.

Today, what caught my attention is that adding up Fortuna Major and Fortuna Minor (the two solar geomantic figures) yields Via. So does adding up Via and Populus (the two lunar geomantic figures). {I added up the other planetary couples, but did not get any more Vias.} A Via also results if you add up the points of Puer, Populus, Puer and Carcer (the four figures assigned to the cardinal signs).

I am not sure if it means anything. I would like it to mean something, but it may just be a coincedence that these three combinations produce a Via. Besides it is just a wizard served its purpose: I did not die of boredom while waiting for my wife to make up her mind.

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