Saturday, January 23, 2010

Source Sephirah sets of Tarot cards

The other day, I mentioned the fact that the background for Empress, Emperor and the Hierophant card was one big continous picture in the Initatory Tarot of the Golden Dawn. What I did not mention (because it did not occur to me until a couple of hours later) is that these three cards are considered a set by Golden Dawn if you consider their source sephirah. I have not seen any work done along these lines (or at least none published), so I thought I would list the source sephiroth and the cards that arise from them.

Kether: Fool, Magician and High Priestess

Chokmah: Empress, Emperor and Hierophant (High Priest)

Binah: Lovers and the Chariot

Chesed: Strength, Hermit and the Wheel of Fortune

Geburah: Justice and the Hanged Man

Tiphareth: Death, Temperance and the Devil

Netzach: the Lightning-blasted Tower, the Star and the Moon

Hod: the Sun and Last Judgment

Yesod: the Universe (the World)

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