Friday, April 22, 2011

How did Earth Day sneak up on me?

Somehow this year, Earth Day sneaked up on me. Wild guess how it did it---it enlisted the aid of evil university professors (ok, my professors are not evil...maybe). So do I feel any guilt about not realizing that is was Earth Day before turning on the computer and reading the internet headlines? Not really. I garden (in a drought zone scented by the smell of burning forests). I have a compost pile (actually I am trying to make a golem out of leaves---don't tell my neighbors). And I was the first person on the block to get a recycling bin from the city (my father would have been so proud of the fact that I was "bloody neighbor that cared" and caused several other neighbors to follow suit). So yes, Earth Day sneaked up on me this year---but in my universe, everyday is kind of an Earth Day.

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