Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In the busy season I read blogs

I haven't blogged much lately. Or done much of anything else lately (I did take some photos of some of my wife's jewelry, but have yet to edit the photos). Reason: it is the busy end of the Spring semester (papers to be wrote, books to be read, quizes to take).

I have jotted down some notes for a few more cards in my Magic The Gathering NOT series. Debating when poking fun at someone goes too far. There is a card I want to do that is based on the collective wisdom and rumors surrounding a real person. Decisions, decisions.

In the meantime, as I avoid a certain amount of homework and studying, here are a trio of the blogs that I have been reading. Warning: they are not Golden Dawn related.

There is a great post on Seth Godin's blog about the Bully-Victim Cycle. "Being a bully is a choice, and falling for this cycle, permitting it to continue, is a mistake."

Julien Smith over on Copyblogger wrote an entry on one-star book reviews that have been posted on Google. “Like ‘The Secret’ for Aspergers patients”

Ed Stein has drawn a political cartoon commenting on the demise of the US space program. "We somehow became a nation more obsessed with cutting taxes and spending than with exploring the universe."

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