Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scott Adams sockpuppet revealed

I was going to continue my Magic the Gathering NOT series tonight, but I am a little tired and the universe delievered a tasty slow news day pizza today. And I find it interesting that it involves sockpuppetry and has nothing to do with the Golden Dawn community. Obvivously, my awe and wonder threshold is set rather low tonight.

Drum roll please---wait for it---Scott Adams has been caught defending himself using a sock puppet on MetaFilter. Cue applause---brace for mocking comments.

Really, Scott?! You had to resort to a sock puppet to defend your work. Wow. Didn't you do a cartoon about this? Oh, yes---you did.

"Asok, we are getting killed by bad customer reviews online. I need you to pretend you're several different customers and write positive reviews....And be sure to defame our competitors."

Ok, you did admit to it. But seriously, you pretended to be your biggest fan for months. Don't you have any actual supporters to defend your work. And shouldn't you be more concerned about creating more work, rather than what critics are saying about you on the internet?

And just because you don't agree with some of the members of a discussion board does not make that discussion board a cesspool.

I tend to agree with Cortex, a moderator on MetaFilter, who told you:

"Scott, if you wanted to sign up for Metafilter to defend your writing, that would have been fine. If you wanted to sign up for Metafilter and be incognito as just another user, that'd be fine too. Doing both simultaneously isn't; pretending to be a third party and high-fiving yourself by proxy is a pretty sketchy move and a serious violation of general community expectations about identity management around here."

 But I would like to thank you for the laugh. Here I thought it was only the dolts in my own corner of the internet that walked around pretending to be other people and defending their own brilliance and peeing on other people. I am glad to see someone who terribly successful do the same. But it does worry me.

I really hope that this does not mean that in order to be super-successful that I need to have a few sock puppets of my own. Because I am super-lazy and like to be able to look at myself in the mirror in the morning.

And Scott, if you read this, feel free to create another sock puppet and make a comment about how wonderful you think I am.

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