Saturday, September 17, 2011

I want this broom

Today, I was at Spirit Ways 17th anniversary celebration. And hanging in the window, I saw the bestest broom ever.
It is a Double Sweep Special.
 Isn't is a pretty? A Double Sweep Special edition, perfect for playing quidditch. And if you do not play quidditch, you can always use it to sweep those annoying Secret Chiefs off your front porch, along with the stray crumbs and Jehovah Witnesses.

Just look at those Bristle Exhausts!
Yes, this is the broom I want. Too bad that they have to hang it in the window for all the world to see. But I am not too worried that Harry Potter or any of his school chums will see it first.

Too bad SpiritWays is off-limits to Hogwarts students.
After all, Hogwarts students are not allowed to go to Spirit Ways, something about it being too close to the Pleasures Adult Store next door and the Bluebird Theater. (You gotta love Colfax, don't you? Where else can you have a metaphysical store right next to such entertainments.) We are still trying to find out what Professor McGonagall experienced in the neighborhood that upset her so. Surely, it could not be that bad, right?

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Unknown said...

Hello new friend. New follower here. How cool is that broom!! I want two! Lol.