Saturday, September 10, 2011

This kitty slap is for my wife

This kitty slap is for you.
My wife occasionally gives me a hard time about the fact that I LOVE cats. And she completely blames me whenever we end up with a new addition to the small pride that we have running around the house. Nevertheless, it is not completely true.

(According to Sheldon Cooper, the proper term for "a group of cats" is a "clowder", and not a "pride." Nice to know, but it gets him a kitty slap.)

She has cat fever too. She just denies it. For instance, when she returned from the craftshow today, she was telling me about the cutest kitten ever. The only reason she did not bring it home is that we have two many cats already (or is that "too many cats"?).

On the behalf of the cats we already have, she is rewarded a kitty slap. The Secret Chiefs of Bast Temple (I listen to them more than I listen to most Golden Dawn leaders) say that you are only allowed to bring another kitty home if they are given fresh shrimp and meat (either chicken or beef is fine) at every meal.

Nice to know that they are willing to let more cats in on the con, isn't it?

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Tabatha said...

Loved the kitty slap! The one thing that will make me waste HOURS of time on the Internet without realizing it is watching cute kitty videos on youtube. Real magicians love cats!