Thursday, March 29, 2012

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails coupon code

Five Reasons Why Magic Fails available on Smashwords.
Here is a Smashwords coupon code for the ebook (article) Five Reasons Why Magic Fails (50% off--$2.50) good until April 29th, 2012.


Go to the Smashwords, and buy a copy of Five Reasons Why Magic Fails, click here.

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Peregrin said...

Hi Morgan and all,

I've used the coupon and recommend other folk do too. The article is good, and concise and well worth reading.

From what I have heard at 'agape', over drinks, at Wiccan conferences and read over the years, it seems the basic ideas that Morgan presents here are not taught much. Why? Who knows - maybe that's food for another article, Morgan? :)

Anyone interested in practical magic should grab the chance to get this article. You may then feel like distributing through your group, since it's so good. Send them the coupon instead :)