Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Who will be revealed as the Puppet Master (I Ching edition)

My cats have assured me that the wheels have indeed came off the tricycle.
And yes, I believe my cats when they tell me that the wheels have came off of someone's tricycle---after all, I read the same blog posts they do.

But the question remains who will be unveiled as the evil puppet master giving orders to the much hated and counter initatory force filled Golden Dawn community...perhaps the I Ching will give us a clue.

(If nothing else, it is an excuse to do an I Ching reading.)

So casting the coins I get 7, 7, 8, 9, 8, and 7.

(For those playing at home, I am using the Wilhelm/Baynes translation, which is the version that my teacher in this particular divination art uses.)

This gives us the hexagram number 38, Opposition.

This hexagram is composed of the trigram Li (flame) on the top, and Tui (lake) below. It reminds me of the fire and water triangles of the Banner of the East, but we should really go with the Eastern Chinese symbolism which views this as two forces moving apart in direct contrast.

"Futhermore, Li is the second daughter and Tui the youngest daughter, and although they live in the same house they belong to different men; hence their wills are not the same but are divergently directed."

Hmm, I think that we can view this as the two Golden Dawn camps moving apart from one another. But I am also quite sure that someone will see this as supporting their viewpoint that there is indeed a conspiracy against them and their Order.

"When people live in opposition and estrangement they cannot carry out a great undertaking in common: their points of view diverge too widely. In such circumstances one should above all not proceed brusquely, for that would only increase the existing opposition; instead, one should limit oneself to producing gradual effects in small matters."

Hmm, still no sign of the identity of the puppet master. If I am reading this correctly, it seems that trying to make sweeping changes will just cause more problems.

"In general, opposition appears as an obstruction, but when it represents polarity within a comprehensive whole, it has also its useful functions....In the world of visible things, the principle of opposites makes possible the differentiation by categories through which order is brought into the world."

Hmm, one Order is Classical Coke, and everyone else is Pepsi?

"Above fire; below the lake: the image of opposition. Thus amid all fellowship, the superior man retains his individuality."

Hmm, I am sorry, but this tells me that there is no vast conspiracy. And if there is, it is among inferior men and women who forgot that they are allowed to have their own opinions.

We do have a changing line in the fourth place, therefore we must read that information.

"Nine in the fourth place means---isolated through opposition, one meets a like-minded man with whom one can associate in good faith. Despite the danger, no blame."

"If a man finds himself in a company of people from whom he is separated by an inner opposition, he becomes isolated. But if in such a situation, a man meets someone who fundamentally, by the very law of his being, is kin to him, and whom he can trust completely, he overcomes all dangers of isolation. His will achieves its aim, and he becomes free of faults."

Hmm, again, I am having difficulties in seeing the conspiracy. It seems more that those who are opposed to the people around them are being isolated from those who are different from them. Birds of a feather flock to the same Orders and do not talk to those in other Orders; no real conspiracy there unless one believes that they should be loved by everyone in the world.

Ok, I really do not see any evidence of a conspiracy or puppet master here in this I Ching reading.

Looking at hexagram 41 (Decrease), I see further indication that those who believe one thing will part from those who believe another thing---"One may use two small bowls for the sacrifice."

Anyway, if there is a hidden puppet master, then they also control the I Ching. And if not, the unveiling is just going to continue to divide the community further. Probably because most of us will not believe that others are taking orders from some imagined evil.

As always, if you disagree with me, feel free to point out where my misreading is in the comment section. Remember that I do not allow anoynmous comments, and I will not approve the worst comments...unless the troll is really entertaining.


Fr. A. said...

Outstanding! Particularly the story told using the oracle..

devaneiya said...

Nope, no puppet master. I am afraid, alas, that Pinocchio is a real boy with a very long nose.

The image of flame over water -- vital opposites -- struck me in particular, as well as the idea that opposition is a method of winnowing via contrast. For a choice to be possible, there must be (at least) two options and these must be distinct. A line has been scribed -- the surface of the lake meets with the tongue of flame -- and, should one find the need to examine the Either or the Or, it is now far more easy to do so.

But going back to the puppet master... really? Is there such a lack of genuinely founded and well-applied argument that one has to pin the pitchfork on a pernicious secret overlord capable of duping everyone but, oh yeah, you? I'm sitting here thinking, "So, how's that cosmic conspiracy theory working out for you?"

Good interp.