Saturday, March 10, 2012

Printing out a large Death card

...and we will update this horrific story of the 2012 nuclear meltdown as soon as we have more information. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program, "Who the heck let Morgan into the Golden Dawn?!"

How to use Adobe Reader to print out a really big Tarot card.
One of the things I have been doing lately when I am just too fried from doing too much research to do any actual homework or Russian Bride fiction (damn you History Senior Seminar) is working on the script (really I plan on having a script...that will not be used) and the props for the late June Open Full Moon Ritual (Hearthstone Community Church).

One of the props that I decided that I needed was a really big version of the Death card. And by big, I mean poster board size. At first, I thought I was going to have to use the old grid method or perhaps draw one completely freehand. Then I stumbled across a neat trick using Adobe Reader X.

By clicking on the "poster" button in the print menu, and adjusting the tile scale, you can print out enlarged sections of a picture which can then be glued to a poster board. Therefore, with just a little glue and some help from the Secret Chief in charge, I will have a honking big Tarot card to make the local Wiccans and pagans think that I am completely out of my mind.

Cool, isn't it?

The Secret Chief in charge believes that I need to adjust the sections of the card.

Proof that I also own a copy of Pat Zalweski's Magical Tarot of the Goklen Dawn.


ian said...

except you betray the Fatal Mark : you don't know how to type Zalewski :)

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

You mean that not only do I have to use all the letters, that I also have to put them into the right order?! Gee, it just makes you wonder how I was allowed into the system, doesn't it?