Thursday, March 8, 2012

GD War Rules Double Standard

One of the things that can be seen quite clearly today (especially today) on the Golden Dawn blogosphere is the fact that we have a double standard going on here. In other words, what is fair for one party to do is not fair when another party does it.

First, we have individuals who are ok to be used by one side as witnesses and evidence, but are declared "innocent bystanders" when it is decided by that they are now fair targets. Let's be clear--if you use someone as an example of evidence that you are right, they may actually still be an innocent bystander; but when someone who goes on record as a witness saying that someone's opinion is wrong, they just turned themselves into a fair target.

And given how much photoshopped stuff is trotted out, a simple screenshot seems harmless. Maybe if they had been cropped the people into Lisa Simpson, it would have been ok.

Second, hackers do not just delete one post--they trash your entire site and blog. Are you sure you did not hit the wrong button and revert your post to a "draft"? If I have done it on occasion, it is possibly that you have done it also. But then again, double standard, one side is capable of being human and making mistakes, and the other side is perfect and must have been hacked.

Third, it is ok for one party to copy and paste entire blog and forum posts on their blog and forum, robbing the other party of readership and context, but it is wrong when someone does it to you?! Let's be clear--if it is a violation of copyright for one party to do so, it is a violation for all parties to do so. There have been several occasions that I felt that my copyrighted posts were being unfairly used, but I held my tongue.

And you do not need to post a notice that your material is copyright protected to enjoy the protection of the don't even claim that it was fair because there was no notice visible (because you had no visible notice until you felt wronged). The truth is that the instant I, or anyone else, writes something it is under copyright until seventy years after the time the writer dies. No notice needs to be given.

Therefore, the next time you copy any, and I mean any, amount of a blog or forum post and post it on your blog or forum, you will recieve a nasty comment from the person that you just copied from. Again, if the rule applies to one, it apply to all parties.

Fourth, why is it wrong to mock the whole conspiracy idea? If any of the rest of us would have floated the idea, we would be mocked to the next Sunday. So why shouldn't we mock you?!

Fifth, one party cries that their material was wrongly published, yet they encouraged people to download for free the entire course material of a rival Order. Let's me buy you a hint--your excuse that the other Order was ran by a crook does not excuse the behavior. If one Order's material is fair game for publication, especially because it is all "public domain" material, then that rule also applies to your material that is actually in public domain.

In summary, you may think having a double standard where behavior is perfectly acceptable for you, and the signs of conspiracy and flame-war when done by others is fair; but the rest of us believe that using a double standard makes you a bigger hypocrite than the rest of us.

If brothers and sisters go to war, the rules of war should not be based on a double standard. Unless you are sibling below the age of ten...then we might have to spot you an extra card or two.

Time to summon up sock puppets to call me a very evil man.

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