Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Supernatural golem

[While this post may be something that seems more suitable for my seldom updated nerd blog, I am posting it here...because if you read this blog on a regular basis, you should be a Supernatural fan...or at least, golems and Nazi necromancers.]

Tonight, I had a rare chance to watch one of my favorite television shows--Supernatural. The scheduling of this show conflicts with my wife's need to have quiet in the house by a certain hour of the night, so that she can sleep (long you really want to hear about my wife's sleeping disorder?); therefore, I have only seen first three espisodes of the season (...because people tell me that it is wrong to download the show from the torrent sites). And those three espisodes only because they were the ones that I found for free on Hulu.

We were watching Arrow tonight (the only espisode that I have seen all season--again, my wife has more control over what I watch than I do) when I saw the ad for tonight's Supernatural espisode, and I just had to see it.

A golem! Nazi necromancers! How could I possibly miss it?!

Oh, my wife wanted to watch the news...I decided to watch it anyway on the TV of fuzz (cheap TV that I might have grounded a black magic attack though a couple of years ago...provided that it was a black magic just might be a c*** TV and a super-duper delusion that I annoyed someone special).

And it was a great espisode!!!

Yes, I know--Supernatural never gets the lore right. But it is television--when did TV ever ever get anything right.

Especially their version of a Jewish descendent of a Rabbi, who loves bacon and smoked up a mystic instruction book...there is no way that could be a honest representation of the grandson of a Jewish mystic, right? That character in no way resembles any of the Jews that I have ever worked with (*wink, wink*).

Anyways, if you haven't seen the eighth season espisode of Supernatural "Everyone hates Hitler," I suggest that you do provided that you like tales about talking golems and Nazi necromancers. And if you don't--well, why are you reading this blog?!


Fr. A. said...

If you go to the cw tv site you can watch all the episodes at your convenience and with no copyright guilt.

M.C. said...

All the episodes are there. Supernatural is my guilty pleasure.