Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What the heck have the cats been doing?

These are not cats--they are little devils.
One or more of my cats have been down in my ritual room using my magical tools--in particular my Fire Wand and the Banner of the West. I am not sure what type of magical ritual they were doing, but it probably has something to do with getting more tuna. I wonder if other ceremonial magicians and witches have pets that help themselves to the magical tools whenever they feel like it.

(The reason I know that someone has been using my tools is that I discovered the Fire Wand and the Banner of the West on the floor and on the opposite side of the room from where they were being kept. If not the cats, then who?!)

{And if you are wondering when I am going to do a real post, well, my moodiness is starting to soon.}

[And yes, I borrowed the paintshop photo idea from Stephanie, a friend of mine on Facebook. It was just too good of an idea not to borrow. Why should she be the only one with a demonic cat?!]

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