Friday, February 8, 2013

Want to be a real GD writer?

Given the fact that the Golden Dawn forums and blogs are knee-deep in so-proclaimed experts, one needs to have a way to separate the good from the bad. One of my ways of doing this is whether or not, the expert has ever got past an actual editor.

Yes, the method is not ideal...because there is that whole debate about what an actual editor is. And this is one of those times that one will be sure to hear someone say that there are no actual editors involved.

Nevertheless, today I read on Donald Michael Kraig's blog that Hermetic Virtues is looking for submissions for a planned hardcover book called The Book of Rituals. Submissions must be original and unpublished ceremonies that are well-written and ten thousand words or less, preferably focused on the Inner Order (Adept) level (Outer Order rituals will be considered also). The deadline for submissions is June 1st, 2013. For more information, or to make a submission, contact

This project is non-profit, as in all proceeds go to the HOGD Legal Defense Fund. This last fact means that certain people will not be submitting to, or buying copies of this collection. And they may decide that everyone who does decide to submit something is a traitor to the Golden Dawn system. Of course, this fact may just make one want to submit something to spite them.

So would I consider you a good expert if you get something printed in this collection? Maybe. Maybe not.

(I used to read Hermetic Virtues--and will probably try to catch up with the back issues after my wallet recovers some more from college [my income is slowly increasing now that I have time to focus on it]--so, it is more of a "maybe.")

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