Saturday, August 17, 2013

Black cat appreciation day

Apollo looks slightly high--like he always does.
Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Well, every day is black cat appreciation day around my house. But today, the cats (all of them, even the non-black ones) think that they deserve special treats. Actually, that is every day, isn't it?

(Black cats are the hardest cats for shelters to find homes for; so the next time you decide that you want a new cat, consider adopting a black cat from your local animal shelter. After all, black goes with everything.)

I will let you into the afterlife for a fish, says Anubis.

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Zanna Starr said...

I love black cats. The people at the shelter where my black cat, Karma, chose me were thrilled that I took a black cat home with me for the very reason that you mentioned (people not wanting black cats). To me, there is just something so mesmerizing about those gold or green eyes glowing out of that midnight fur.