Sunday, August 18, 2013

Where clown makeup comes from

Look at all that clown makeup.
Yesterday, I was helping my wife clean out some buckets of old pottery glazes. (She was having a problem with one of the glazes, and she needs to start with a fresh batch of glaze to fix the problem.) And in the process, I learned where clown makeup comes from. Ok, maybe not--but at the moment, everything I do can end up being about clowns. (At a certain point, my current clown obsession will make sense...or not...let's just say that clowns are important in one of my writing projects at the moment. As a writer, your entire universe rotates around your latest project.) So anyways, the buckets are now clean, and my wife is good to go for mixing up of the new batches of glaze. And she promises to make no ceramic clowns unless they are cool clowns.

Common sense of politicians.

Old dried out actor remains.
Souls of children.

Tears of orphans.

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Rufus Opus said...

You're doing a biography of David Griffin, aren't you?