Sunday, August 4, 2013

Coffee Tea or Secret Chiefs

Sorry Nick, my Secret Chief passport expired.
So it is now down to the wire for the Secret Chiefs to show up and shoot Nick Farrell with large amounts of lightning bolts for being so ballsy that he challenged them to show up and smite him dead. As for my Secret Chiefs (aka my cats), their passports are expired and they think that I should front their travel expenses, and quite honestly they believe that Nick Farrell might kiss dogs with that mouth of his, so he will have to just go unblessed by their presence.

Now, exactly what does the results of this challenge prove? (Provided that the Secret Chiefs do not show up at the last second just to annoy me by making me rewrite this blog post.)

One, it proves that some people do not believe that the Secret Chiefs are physical beings who are hard-wired into the Golden Dawn tradition. And they will continue to thumb their noses at anyone who claims contact with the physical Secret Chiefs--including citing this challenge as proof that the Secret Chiefs are not physical beings.

Two, it proves that some other people will continue to believe that their leader is the only person enlightened enough to deal with the Secret Chiefs despite the lack of any witnesses to their existence outside their own leader's best friends and wife. And they are really good at explaining away all reasonable doubt that the lack of independent evidence causes--there are a few churches that wish for that level of pure faith in their followers.

Wait a second--didn't we already know this before this challenge was issued?! My cats could have told you this, and they are too lazy to do the proper Grade signs. In other words, one group will continue to say that the Secret Chiefs are not physical beings while the other group will claim that everyone else is too unwashed to be blessed by their presence. Status quo remains the same.

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