Sunday, April 9, 2017

Child terrorist shoots his own mother (yay for gun freedom)

"The accidental shooting of Jamie Gilt [shot by her own four-year old son who picked us the gun left by his mother on backseat of their car] is the object lesson that my absurd nation deserves. When even supposed gun safety experts cannot keep themselves safe from their own toddlers, we should take that as an unequivocal reminder that guns are inherently dangerous. They are exploding projectile machines designed specifically for killing. And that’s not bleeding-heart hyperbole – it’s the explicit reason why many people are drawn to them. Cowboy games. Vigilante justice. Power.

America does not get to claim some hypercivilised global high ground when we foster – legislatively and culturally – a system in which incidents such as Gilt’s are not just possible, but inevitable."--Lindy West

[And yes, this columnist cites the fact that in 2015, more people were shot and killed by toddlers than by terrorists--let the wailing begin about the sacred right to carry guns to defend oneself from bad people like me, a dirty liberal hippy, along with the cries that this is Fake News--Sad!]

You can read the rest of this commentary on the Guardian news-site. 

Remember that gun freedom means that every toddler must be armed with a gun.

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