Thursday, April 20, 2017

Why Trump hates marijuana (Nixon would have been so proud)

One of the policy positions of the Trump "totally not swamp gators--they just look like the normal Washington D. C. swamp gators with their big business and banking connections--really, they are just crocodiles (which are not alligators!) totally looking out for the interests of America....or at least, the winners in America*" Republican administration is that as a law and order President, the Department of Justice is going to enforce the severe marijuana laws (because smoking dope will turn you into a serial ax murderer) and totally ignore the rights of citizens on the state level** to decide that they want to smoke the pot.

[* "Winner"--those Americans who make more than a hundred million dollars a year.]

[** "But it is perfectly ok if your state decides that all those strange sexes, starting with the vanilla gays and lesbians, and going though all the variations of sexual identity {that are not completely and absolutely straight and Bible approved} until you get to those who love tentacles shoved up various body parts, can't go to the bathroom, can't get married, can't order goods and services, and most importantly can't get jobs. We respect state rights to decide what they want to do...:"]

And I think that it has nothing to do with pot turning people violent (which according to the Justice Department happens all the time, just proving that marijuana is the devil's drug of choice).

No, I think that enforcing the nation's pot laws (including mandatory sentences), and opening the door to kicking down down and arresting those with recreational and medical pot in states that voted for that sweet, sweet marijuana tax income, has everything to do with "President Nixon really knew how to run a government." And Trump's need to be able to arrest protestors and make sure that they end up rotting away in a prison workforce (but that is ok, big corporations forced to do business in the United States can hire prisoners for ten cents a day!!!--Look at those winners!!!***), and never again say that he is a bad President.

[***And there are even more winners as Big Pharma develops artificial marijuana meds and charges a thousand dollar a pill!!! {Seriously, most of the money to defeat new marijuana measures comes from Big Pharma companies...who are in no way connected with anyone in the current administration, we swear, and never lobbies to keep marijuana illegal.} Plus the consumer gets to win as they receive incentives (pain, agony) to sell everything they own to pay for their meds. Look at all the economic benefits you get when you keep marijuana illegal.]

For those who missed the point of the Richard Nixon reference, we now know that the Nixon administration placed emphasis on enforcing pot laws, so that black civil rights and anti-war protestors could be harassed, arrested and jailed, getting those dirty rotten protestors off the street once and for all. We know this because a former member fo the Nixon administration said this in an interview a few years ago.

...and I suspect that if Trump's DOJ does start aggressively enforcing the marijuana laws and decides that states had no rights to legalize pot, that in forty years, we will learn that it was all about getting rid of those who kept criticizing Trump.

So if I am ever arrested by the Feds for smoking pot, it will be because some Trump loving dubious occultist decided to call the FBI and get me arrested--all in the name of stopping my lying journalist ways, shutting me up about both Trump and the dubious occult leaders who think that he is the best thing since secret societies and lineages were invented. 

Does coloring relieves stress? Welcome to the Trump's America coloring experiment group.
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Imperator David Griffin said...

I love the way "fake Liberals" (read crypto-totalitarians) blame the POTUS for everything the Deep State does. Great job. Keep up the good work. Heck you might one day even succeed in turning the USA into a socialist hell hole like Venezzuela.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

Are you trying to claim that Trump has absolutely nothing to do with the administration's stance on marijuana?

Imperator David Griffin said...

I am saying that you are so blind as to be completely incapable of recognising when a President is not a complete tool of the Deep State for the first time in your pathetic life.

No wonder it is so difficult to drain that particular swamp, when even "seers" like you are blind as a bat

Moreover, Morgan, Wiccan elders have worked patiently for decades to convince Christian America that Witchcraft is not the Satanist threat they have been taught.

Then along comes you and your merry band of anti-Trump idiots and undo decades of work in a heartbeat.

You know Morgan, I always thought you were misguided but bright.

Now I finally understand that the Golden Dawn has its very own Forrest Gump.

I have no doubt that you mean well, Morgan, but you just can't help being, well - simple.

Morgan Drake Eckstein said...

I would rather be Forrest Gump than David Griffin, the greatest Wiccan Elder that the world has ever seen.

Alia said...

Damn, I didn't realize there was a competition to be the Greatest Wiccan Leader of all time. Is it a pageant, and can I enter? Shoot, I'll need to nip out for a swimsuit. At least 25 years of hiring cats should cover the talent portion of the pageant.

Alia said...

Harding cats. Though hiring is a challenge as wwll.