Thursday, May 11, 2017

Happy people with lots of money (why use that picture)

[If you are lazy, just skip to the end of the post and read the punchline.]

I get a lot of friend requests on Facebook--because I am on Facebook. Some I accept. Some I delete. And some I mock.

This is the mocking type.

One of my latest friend requests comes from someone who seems to be trying to convince people that she is a mover and shaker at the International Finance Corporation Grant which is part of an United Nations grant program. I base this conclusion on a status update and the pictures posted on this person's wall.

I must be big stuff--look at all the happy people.
"Look especially at all the happy people who are receiving oversized checks and FedEx deliveries. Plus I posted pictures of Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, so you totally know that they are close personal friends. And you should totally accept my friend request because you are special; and by being friends with me, you are totally going to get fat stacks of cash."

Totally real photos with real happy people--believe what you see!
Maybe this person is for real--despite the general cynicism that a couple decades of dealing with dubious occult leaders has installed in me--I mean they can't all be photos grabbed from stock photo sites and the internet--some of the photos must be real.

But on that note...

Why is this guy wearing latex gloves and sporting a badge logo? And is that fingerprint sheet on the desk?
If you are trying to convince me that you are real and that you are going to make me rich, you might not want to post a picture of a cop counting money from a drug bust on your wall. Just saying.

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