Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Using militias as security (oh what a wonderful idea)

Should militias be allowed to serve as security for public events? That's a question that came up last night after those nasty liberals started to call for Alt-right and pro-guns-for-everyone groups to cancel their events in Portland after a racist insult screaming Nazi saluting white person decided to kill a minority--and someone suggested that these groups should still be allowed their events provided that the groups provided extra security using militias.

You just can't make this stuff up in America. Damn you America, isn't my job writing satire hard enough without you actually making wacky suggestions?!?

Basically, these hate groups (hey, they fit the profile despite their claims that they are looking out for the real Americans...who just all happen to be gun carrying white people who believe all minorities and non-Christians should be expelled from the United States for not believing in their gun-toting white Jesus) believe that evil dirty traitorous liberals should not be allowed free speech, especially when they are protesting against the ideals of a pure white (a hundred percent white, get your ass out of here you nasty brown colored witch) society.

And the idea that they should be allowed to use a militia for security at their events, full of screaming that brown people are the children of the devil and need to be kicked out of the United States (if not outright killed by tasty poison gas and lovely shiny bullets), just makes me shudder at what would be the natural outcome...mainly, a bunch of liberals and minorities being shot dead because they used their freedom of speech to say that the United States is built on the concept of the melting pot, and that minorities and non-Christians also have basic human rights in this country.

Now, I am not saying that militias can't do the job successfully. After all, the Brown Shirts, a militia, did a bang-up job protecting their fearless leader and his gang during the glory days of Nazi Germany. But that kinda proves my point, that it is a really bad idea...not that White Only America supporters would care how that turned out to be bad for gays, Jews, and other minorities--after all, White Only America believes that Adolf Hitler had the right idea.

As always feel free to tell me how my liberal witch ass needs to be burnt at the stake for having Jewish ancestors and not worshiping the idea of a pure white America like our founding fathers intended.

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