Thursday, March 10, 2011

QoD Frater BT on Healing Others

In a post about whether it is possible to use Golden Dawn healing techniques of cats, Frater BT said the following statement:

"Basically the first thing is that we can only elevate others up to where we are – and we can only heal others as much as we can heal ourselves. The cool thing is, though, that the desire to heal another is often a stronger motivation to become healed than the desire to be healed alone."

Of course, I think I might have done more healing work with cats than people---heavens knows that I practice my Reiki on cats more than people.

As for his statement, I am still kicking it around...I am not sure that I agree with it. I have seen healers who can heal others and not themselves. Therefore, this statement sounds more like religious (and Order-related) dogma than it does actual reality.

And I would have posted a comment to that effect on his blog, but there seems to be no way to comment on that blog directly.


Scott Stenwick said...

As far as healers who can heal others but not themselves goes, the presence of the "wounded healer" archetype of Chiron in the western esoteric tradition at least implies that such healers exist.

From a practical standpoint, if you're trying to heal someone by harmonizing your field of consciousness or energy or whatever the heck we're calling it now after the big debate with theirs you are going to run into a limit because the fields generally behave like water in two connected buckets - they tend to reach the same level for both the healer and the patient, making the healer's level of health the highest level possible.

However, I've found that if I use more involved techniques that employ containment structures to prevent the fields from fully merging and evoke spirits, such as the intelligence and spirit of Mercury, I can heal someone pretty easily even if I happen to be sicker than they are at the time. I'm kind of surprised that someone who considers himself enough of an authority to comment on magical healing would be unaware of those methods.

Peregrin said...

Hi Morgan,

You may be right about this being a healing dogma. I think it stems from conflating 'healing' with a Jungian therapeutic adage that the extent to which a therapist can assist the analysand is determined by the depth of the therapist's own analysis and working through the subconscious.

Like you, I know plenty of healers able to heal others but not themselves. Many parapsychological surveys also show this.

Thanks :)

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