Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What are QDBR Quick and Dirty Book Reviews?

I have decided to do a new form of book reviews (new for me, that is) on my blogs: Quick and Dirty. They will not be the longest or best reviews I have ever done; but considering that occasionally I obtain new books and do not currently have time to do longer or more detailed reviews, it is the best that I can hope for (sometimes).

Typically, they will be based on a quick (and perhaps partial) reading of the book in question. They definitely will not be based on a deep reading of the book. Think of the quick and dirty book reviews as a first impression of the book.

As they are based on my first impression of a book, I do reserve the right to change my opinion of the book later when I have more time to really examine it. (Actually, I reserve that right with my regular book reviews.)

They will also be short reviews unlike the ones that I post on the article and content sites (such as Associated Content). Being posted to my own personal blog means that I do not have to get them across the 400 word mark.

I will probably expand the idea to other media later. I will also try to post the Quick and Dirty reviews on the blog must suitable for them. For instance, on this blog, it will primarily be occult and magical book reviews.

Anyways, that is what I plan on starting to do. Enjoy. Or not.

(Curiously enourgh, after coming up with this idea---I really have a book I want to review, but I really need to do homework tonight and do not have time to finish the book, not alone do a proper review---my Facebook Fortune Cookie of the day said "A feather in hand is better than a bird in the air.")

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