Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What I am reading 2 March 2011

It is now time for another espisode of what I am reading.

But first a rant...

D*** computer quit crashing on me. I do not like it when you just shut off without any warning. I don't care if it is a bad update, a flash issue, or overheating and electrical problem. Just quit bloody crashing! You are killing my productivity.

Sorry about that, but there is a slight chance that the post I am currently writing will be interrupted by a sudden "I do not want to work fit" by this computer.

So what have I been reading on the blogosphere lately?

First up, Tori Alexander has written a blog post about how to write a book review. This is something that I occasionally wish some of the more rabid reviewers on Amazon would read. Not that it would do any good. My own training in book reviewing (ignoring K-12) has been in history and literature classes (more in history than literature). Not that my book reviews make anyone happy, but at least some of my techniques are right.

Second up, the latest broadside in the great magical energy debate is over on Magian Runination. While
I have not been commenting on the dust-up, I have been following it. I have learned a few things, including the fact that perhaps the Egyptians had a good reason to place more importance on the heart than the brain.

Third up, Susanne Iles has painted a wonderful painting imnspired by the first verses of creation commentary from the Bahir. I really like her artwork. I wish I was as good as an artist or kabbalist as she is.

And finally a great quote from Dionysian Atavism from an open memo from the black brotherhood to the ascended masters of the universe:

We know you're concerned about the spread of The Witchcraft, and The Wiccaz. Don't worry. With further influence from Stregha circles, soon Harry Potter fans will have a new target. We understand that they are not “spiritually enlightened” in the same way that you are, but surely you can at least admit that the Potterites give one a sense of amusement. At their expense, of course. But then – isn't the universe laughing with all of us, anyway? In any event, would you might telling some of your more annoying Adepts to drop that shit when it comes to bitching about witches? It's getting old, already. Don't they have enough all-powerful angel-summoning rituals to perform, rather than pestering us about what we're up to?

I am not completely sure what I have missed, but obviously someone is belly-aching somewhere. I wasn't aware that there was gathering horde of witches to expel---which is a crying shame considering I haven't taken part in a good looting in ages. Oh, opps, I just admitted to be part of the gathering Wiccan horde, haven't I? On the Harry Potter note, while I must admit that my high school had the same colors, we had a much lamer mascot (a beet digger does not exactly inspire awe in anyone). Someone please send me the information about when and where the raiding party is leaving from.

Anyways, that is what I have been reading on the blogosphere lately. Have a good evening everyone.

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