Friday, July 22, 2011

Exactly when did I become a GD leader?

I have a confession to make---every time someone refers to me as a Golden Dawn leader, I want to slap some sense into them. Thinking that I am some form of Golden Dawn leader is like mistaking my little blog here as a significant portion of the blogosphere. I have seen my numbers; I am under no delusions that I have anything beyond a token readership.

And I have more readers than followers. In fact, I am not even sure that I have any followers. Perhaps the cat who must be in the same room as I am counts as a follower; I am fairly sure that he does not count, but maybe someone is counting him as a follower.

What I do have are people who heckle me---"What symbol is that? Really?! Are you sure? Is it supposed to be said like that? Really?! Are you sure? What is it used for? Really?! Are you sure?"

Yet, periodically people mistake me for a leader or someone who is reaching a significant percentage of the Golden Dawn interest group.

It puzzles me.

Another thing that puzzles me is the fact that they often believe that I should act in certain ways, and believe in certain things, just because I am a Golden Dawn leader. (Today, it is David Griffin---but he is hardly the first or last to feel this way.) First---as I said, I am not a Golden Dawn leader---just because other people call me one does not make me one. Second---I have never encountered a rulebook saying how Golden Dawn leaders are supposed to act, outside of preserving the system and rituals, that is.

Ok, that is not completely true. There was the one HOMSI manual that passed though my hands that gave instructions on such matters---it boils down to perfect obedience to the supreme leader and not fermenting schisms. I am guessing that the manual produced by the Third Order includes a section that says that absolute belief in the official history of the Order is required.

Good thing, I have no desire to be a Golden Dawn leader, isn't it?


Peregrin said...

A reading from the Book of Python,

"Only the true Messiah would deny His own Divinity"...

Sorry, you can't win, either way Morgan :) :)

Imperator David Griffin said...

My remarks were not about imposing any sort of rules. I was merely pointing out the logical inconsistency in a philosophical position held my numerous leaders of temples and orders in our Golden Dawn community.

Please excuse me for mistaking you for a GD temple leader. I appear to have been misinformed.

Perhaps, however, you should further consider assuming additional leadership responsibility. More good leaders are sorely needed in our Golden Dawn community,

And in my opinion you would make a fine one, despite the logical consistency of even adhering to an esoteric tradition one believes rooted in lies and deception.

David Griffin