Sunday, July 31, 2011

When does humor go too far?

Occasionally, I ponder the question "When does humor go too far?" For me, there are multiple sub-questions to this question.

Is it wrong to make fun of Wiccans and pagans? (I have been told "yes" many times---not that it stops me from doing so.)

Is it wrong to make fun of armchair occultists? (What are they going to do? Read to me? Theorize to me?)

Is it wrong to make jokes about natural disasters? (Only if you recieving big paychecks from sponsors and paying gigs.)

Is it wrong to make fun of politicians and famous people? (Isn't this like making fun of bread and butter?)

Is it wrong to photoshop stuff on the back of milk cartons? (Well, I guess we will find out in a couple of days---it wasn't my joke, but I suspect that we are sure to hear about it. I know that if I had made the joke, I would be roasted slowly over warm coals.)

And does someone control the photoshop monopoly? (C'mon now---haven't you suspected that it is only ok for one group of people to photoshop jokes together, but not the other side? Surely, I am not the only person who came up with the wrong answer here.)

Most importantly, why do I have time to ponder these types of questions? Shouldn't I be out there making bad jokes and getting people upset?

On that note, I probably should wander off and work on drawing the cartoon for tomorrow's Loki's Wisdom post.


Anonymous said...

Greetings Morgan,
I was going to post a different comment but I got long winded and thought I would just post it to my blog. By the way, If I must be roasted over the coals...bring some marshmallows as I seem to plum out.
At times irreverent but respectfully,

Frater Cor Meum Lucidum said...

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Unknown said...

Humour is pretty subjective, but you know that you are not funny when you are trying to insult someone under the cover of humour. Then you are measured by the standard of your insult it has to be Oscar Wilde level or else you are toast. Satire is tricky to pull off (believe me I write satire and sometimes it does not work). However you never repeat a joke. If you do it once and no one laughs don't do it again. If people say you are attacking people and it is not funny you certainly should not do it. Otherwise you are only amusing yourself and that is very very sad.