Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ouija boards part one

Last night, I was reading part of the communications between Master R, Paul Foster Case, and Ann Davies. And while reading the second communication (17 February 1947), I found myself saying "Wow---they are using a Ouija board."

For those who are curious about the R, Case, Davies communications, Tony Deluce has uploaded some of them into the file section on the Golden Dawn Group yahoo group (the yahoo group that Pat Zalewski hangs out on).

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe they were not using a Ouija board. But it sure sounds like it.

"Incidentally, it may interest you to know that this type of board was a development from the earlier planchette which had a pencil at the point. The script so written was often difficult to decipher, so this arrangement was projected into the mind of a sensetive who happened to have unusual business acumen; and he and his family made a small fortune from Ouija until the patent expired."

Of course, if it is a Ouija board, and Case is considered to be an Adept, and Master R a Sceret Chief, then here we have an example of an Order Head communicating with a Secret Chief though the use of a Ouija board.

And that so alarms me. My reasons for being alarmed I will expound upon in part two of this set (which hopefully will be written tomorrow).


Fr. A. said...

I am very curious as to the follow-up to your most interesting post!

Sincerus Renatus... said...

Yes, it's true. I have heard it several times that he used the ouija board in most of his Master R communications. However, he also says he sometimes could hear him in the head. He also claims to have met Master R in the flesh.

In Licht, Leben und Liebe,

Unknown said...

He used the Ring and Disk... it was also rumoured that he was using a medium and they had a code so that she did not know what they were talking about!
Case said that he met Master R in the flesh but the story itself makes odd reading. It is fairly clear that "meeting in the flesh" was not how you and I would define it. It reads more like a trance and a realisation.
We only have one claim from Mathers that he meet secret chiefs in the flesh and that was a rant to the rebels. His wife forgot to mention something that important when she was doing his post death "spin" two years after he croaked. She said that his condition was weakened from all the inner work he did trying to contact the secret chiefs.
It seems more likely that Mathers was following the same channelling and astral work that the others were using during that time.
The quality cant have been up to much because none of it was published. In fact the AO does not seem to have provided teaching past the 5=6 (which was mostly written before the schism).